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F A Q ' s

Where is Church on the Hill located ?
What denomination is Church on the Hill ?
What do we believe?
How do I get more involved ?
What do I wear to church ?

What denomination is Church on the Hill ?

      We are a member of the Southern Baptist Convention. We have recently changed our name to Church on the Hill for several reasons. Keep in mind that everything is the same but our name. We felt like the identity of our church was not being represented as clearly as we desired. Let us explain, our Praise & Worship is contemporary utilizing guitars (electric & acoustic), bass, piano & keyboards, drums, and voices. We incorporate old and new, meaning we do hymns in addition to todays P&W songs like you would hear on Christian radio.

      Our message is straight out of the Word of God. Dr. Paul E. Ramsey Jr. is a great teacher who is passionate about bringing the Word in a way that is relevant, powerful, and applicable to our daily lives. Dr. Ramsey's desire is to bring Christ followers into a real, tangible, and life altering relationship with Jesus through the message of the scriptures.

      Our church is flavored a bit differently than a traditional First Baptist Church. We don't believe ours is any better or worse, just different. Therefore, when visitors come to Church on the Hill they aren't expecting one thing and getting another. Our name change is nothing more than presenting ' who we are ' in a way that matches
' what we are '.