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Fellowship...Sunday School...Events...Connecting

We believe that 'community' dynamic is vital in seeing another aspect of God's Kingdom in motion...much of what we learn, we learn throught the dynamic of smaller group interaction...

Sunday School is a comfortable way to begin to 'feel' out your faith...specifically pointed studies allow you to work your way through issues that meet you where you are in your life...the small group settings give you a non-threatening way to discuss how these principles are 'walked' out...

Fellowship time give us a chance to be ourselves in a setting that creates comfortable moments where we can let our hair down and meet new people outside of the larger corporate meetings...

Special Events are an opportunity to 'celebrate', occasions such as our Annual Church Picnic, Thanksgiving Church-Wide Dinner, Sunday School Class Get-Togethers, etc...

Much of the ministry that took place in Jesus day was accomplished during times of fellowship, eating, and conversing about life...we believe that these times of connection are deeply spiritual...